Creating Coasters

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From stone to a functional work of art.

First it starts with the art. We offer a selection of popular, well-known, and trending art from various artists. Printing on coasters can be tricky and takes a talented team of graphic designers to work with the artist to create the perfect print. Our stone is more of a natural bone color, rather than a pure white. Our graphic designers work hard to make sure the art prints as close as possible to the vision of the artist. Each coaster is pressed onto the stone by hand using our proprietary printing process. After the coaster is printed and checked for excellent quality, it is then given a cork backing and packaged for you! Our stone is not sealed with any type of coating to assure you get the most of your absorbent coaster. Printing and pressing is all done at our warehouse in Indiana.

CoasterStone is the first and the oldest absorbent coaster manufacturer in the business. We have perfected our stone purifying and art transfer techniques over the 31-year-life of the product, and produce the most sophisticated and highest quality absorbent coaster on the market!